Cypress trees along the Ouachita

This cypress along the Ouachita forms a majestic view

These images are typical of the cypress trees that are found in the many
swamps, bayous and brakes along the Ouachita River.

It is cypress trees like these that are being cut daily with no thought
as to the destruction of our beautiful natural heritage. . .
the majestic cypress that future generations will never be able
to enjoy.for cypress such as these take many decades to grow
and generations to be replaced...

At the rate they are being cut today it is possible that the
cypress will become only a memory of the past brought
back only in photographs such as these...

Contact Save Our Cypress to find out
how you can help save the cypress


Cypress in the swamps and lakes along the Ouachita







These cypress are hundreds of years old and add a mystical touch to the swamp







Cypress reflections in a secluded swamp along the Ouachita










Cypress in a winter unset








Cypress pond along the Ouachita








Cypress lake formed by the Ouachita







Summer cypress reflections








Cypress pond








Cypress in winter evening light











Cypress river lake swamp








Evening on cypress lake










Fall cypress in river lake










Fall cypress along the Ouachita









Winter cypress in a Ouachita River lake