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All of life is the result of past events
Therefore . . .
We are all connected to the past
And responsible for the futu
Indian Proverb



Preservation of the Beauty and History of the Ouachita River The OUACHITA ( Pronounced Washita ) has been deemed as one of the world's most beautiful rivers. It's magnificent beauty, and rich and colorful history is unparalled. Never before in our nations history has there been such an emphasis placed on protecting and preserving our environment and natural resources, as there is today. So much of our past has been lost, because we have failed to record and protect it. The Ouachita River Foundation is dedicated to recording the beauty and history of the Ouachita through television, film and print to establish an awareness that will preserve the Ouachita for generations to come. Preservation of our environment and our history are the links that tie the past, present and future together. The past validates who we are, and where we came from; plus, provides tangible evidence of our roots. Through this awareness we come to see ourselves and our environment as a living connection between past generations and generations yet to come: We see ourselves as individuals whose lives will shape tomorrow just as those of the past have shaped today, through this we cannot help but find identity in the course of human history.



The Ouachita River Foundation

The Foundation Is a 501 (c) (3) orginization officially formed and legally filed with the Louisiana Secretary of State's Office on November 13, 1995.

The purpose of this organization is to raise an awareness of and work closely with the community, government, and industry to conserve both the scenic beauty and habitat of the Ouachita River and nearby waterways.



There is peace to be found on the river of sparkling silver water



The Ouachita begins in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas

Time has brought about many changes along the Ouachita
since the days of the Indians....yet there still remains today
many areas along the river that are reminiscent of the times
when the only ones who walked the banks and floated its
waters were the Indians...areas where one feels as though
being transported back in time.

Many of the bayous, brakes, backwater ponds and lakes
along the course of the Ouachita have survived the ravages
of time and continue, as in the past, to provide habitat and
cover for the abundant wildlife living along its banks.

The Ouachita flows as a mountain stream through the Ouachita Mountains
of Arkansas before becoming a river below Hot Springs Arkansas.
Below Hot Springs the Ouachita flows south on its course into Louisiana.


Summer on the Ouachita

"The view of our past is only as good as our memory
The view of our future is only as good as our faith" . .















































































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