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An Environmental Tragedy

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Corps of Engineers propose to cut trees along 200 miles of Ouachita River, other rivers across the nation are also in danger - The Corps of Engineers controls 13,000 miles of levees in the United States, the proposal to cut "all" trees along the levees also includes all of the scenic rivers that have levees controlled by the Corps of Engineers.

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"Save our Cypress Trees"
The Ouachita River Foundation along with the Sierra Club and a handful of other groups have joined together to raise awareness to stop the logging of cypress forests to be used for cypress mulch. If cut, most of our coastal forests and native wetlands will not be able to regenerate due to the changes in the ecology.

The coalition's new website was designed and maintained by Jeffrey Dubinsky, webmaster extraordinaire for the Baton Rouge Group.

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Proposal to Dump Waste Water in the Ouachita River is opposed by "Save the Ouachita" and many others


News Letter On Waste Water Dumping
Bassmasters Letter on Wastewater Dumping
Morehouse Parish Police Jury Member comment


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