November 9, 2006

Dear Ouachita River Foundation,Board of Directors; I am a Police Jury member in Morehouse Parish,
I know that you oppose the pipeline proposal that would allow the City of El Dorado to dump its contaminated sewage into the Ouachita River ( they have been asked by DEQ to build a new sewage treetment plant) and the proposal would also allow three chemical companies to use this pipeline to dump their effluent that don't meet the clean water quality standards to dump their contaminated discharge into the Ouachita River as well. It is my opinion that the Ouachita River is already over taxed with contamination and would not be able to take on these extra contaminates. I support industry and realize we need more of it; but we cannot afford to further pollute, such a vital resource as our Ouachita River. There are other options; such as treetment plants, oxidation ponds, scrubbers and precipitators and I'm sure that there are tax breaks and possibly grant money out there to help with this cost. Also in some cases recycling and solidifying is possible to generate a re-usable or salable product. I believe they need to look at all the options; but we can't afford to dump this contaminated effluent into the Ouachita River. Thanks, Jerry Johnson, Morehouse Police Jury,