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The first French settlers renamed it "Ouachita" in the early 1700's . . .

The Ouachita has been proclaimed as
One of the world's most beautiful rivers . . .



Winter On the Ouachita




Rare Snow on the Ouachita

















Click Here to take a photo journey down the Ouachita . . .

The Ouachita River runs through the Southern States of Arkansas and Louisiana

The Ouachita originates as a tiny mountain stream in the Ouachita Mountains near Eagleton, Arkansas (Northwest of Mena, AR).

Downstream, the Ouachita flowsinto Lake Ouachita (near Hot Springs, AR), then after leaving a series of lakes, the Ouachita begins to take on a different appearance as it flows nearly 600 miles to join the Tensas and Little Rivers at Jonesville, Louisiana, forming the Black River.

The Ouachita River is shown in RED The major towns and cities along the river are not shown, but include Mena, Hot Springs, Arkadelphia and Camden in Arkansas and Sterlington, Monroe, West Monroe, Columbia, Harrisonburg and Jonesville in Louisiana.

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Click Here to take a photo journey down the Ouachita . . .
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